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Small Chips 2.20   Whiting 2.60
Small Chips with Curry 3.20   Whiting & Chips 5.30
Small Chips with Cheese 3.20   Whiting Supper  (Whiting, Chips & Peas) 6.10
Small Chips with Cheese & Garlic 4.20   Haddock 3.60
Large Chips 2.70   Haddock & Chips 6.30
Large Chips with Curry 3.70   Haddock Supper  (Haddock, Chips & Peas) 7.10
Large Chips with Cheese 3.80   Cod 4.30
Large Chips with Cheese & Garlic 4.80   Cod & Chips 7.00
Taco Chips  (Chips, Spicy Mince and Taco Sauce) 4.70   Cod Supper  (Cod, Chips & Peas) 7.90
      Scampi 5 piece 2.70


    Breaded Prawns served with side salad and garlic mayo 4.60
Burger 2.10      
Burger with Cheese 2.30  

All the above are fresh, local fish served in a crispy batter with large chips

Burger with Salad 2.50      
Burger with Bacon 2.60  


Burger with Cheese & Bacon 2.80   Frickendellen 2.40
Burger in Batter 2.20   Sausage 0.80
      Sausage in Batter 1.20
Quarter Pounder 3.20   Onion Rings 1.80
Quarter Pounder with Cheese 3.40   Home Made Onion Rings 2.40
Quarter Pounder with Salad 3.70   Garlic Mushrooms 2.40
Quarter Pounder with Bacon 3.70   Potato Croquettes 0.40
Quarter Pounder with Bacon & Cheese 3.90   Coleslaw 1.00
Half Pounder 5.00   Side Salad 1.20
Half Pounder with Cheese 5.40      
Half Pounder with Cheese & Bacon 5.90  

Healthy Options



Chicken Burger 3.20   Chicken 4.00
Chicken Burger with Cheese 3.40   Chicken with one or all of the following: 4.20
Chicken Burger with Salad 3.70         Cheese, tomato, onion, stuffing, relish or mayo  
Chicken Burger with Bacon 3.50   Ham 4.00
Chicken Fillet Burger with Salad 4.20   Ham with one or all of the following: 4.20
           Cheese, tomato, onion, stuffing, relish or mayo    



Add coleslaw 1.00, & with side salad 1.00

Fish Burger 3.20      
Fish Burger with Salad 3.70      
Vegetable Burger 3.20  


Vegetable Burger with Salad 3.70   Philly Steak 5.00
Vegetable Burger with Cheese 3.40   Chicken 5.00

Subs are served in ciabatta bread & various fillings - please enquire





Hot Dogs 3.20   Chicken wrap with mayo, lettuce and cheese 3.60
Hot Dogs with Cheese 3.50      
Barbeque Rib Burgers 3.20  

Dinner Menu

      Chicken Curry            Served with Chips or Rice  (or half of each) 9.00
Kebabs     Breast Maryland         Served with Chips or Potatoes & side salad 10.00
Chicken Kebab 4.20   Bacon, Egg, Sausage  Served with chips or potatoes & side salad 8.00
Donor Kebab 4.20   Steak Sandwiches       Served with Chips or Potatoes & side salad 10.00

Kebabs are served in pita bread with salad

    Lamb Cutlets               Served with Chips or Potatoes & side salad 9.00
      Sirloin Steak                Served with Chips or Potatoes & side salad 15.00
      Lasagne                        Served with chips, side salad & Garlic Bread 9.00



All the above are available to eat in or takeaway

Leg of Chicken 2.80   Sauce  
Leg of Chicken with Chips 5.00   Curry Sauce 1.00
Leg of Chicken Supper  (Leg, Chips & Peas) 6.00   Garlic Mayonnaise 1.00
Breast of Chicken 3.30   Cocktail Sauce 1.00
Breast of Chicken & Chips 5.50   Tartar Sauce 1.00
Breast of Chicken Supper  (Breast, Chips & Peas) 6.50   Chilli Sauce 1.00
Chicken Nuggets 5 piece 2.70   Taco Sauce 1.00
Chicken Nuggets 10 piece 5.40  

All sauce comes in 4oz tubs

Chicken Tenders 5 piece 3.40      




Mini Box         - One piece of Chicken with Chips 4.50   Cans 1.20
Standard Box - Thigh & Drumstick with Chips 6.50   500ml Bottles 1.40
Triple Box       - Three pieces of Chicken with Chips 8.50   2.0lt Bottles 3.00
Breast Box      - Breast of Chicken with Chips 7.20   Tea 1.20
      Coffee 1.70

All the above Chicken is fresh, cooked and prepared on the premises


Please note all of the above come with various dressings. 

If there are dressings you like or dislike please be sure to let us know when you place your order.


Why not let us take the stress out of your catering needs?  We cater for all functions, Parties, Christenings, Funerals, Communions and Confirmations.  We offer finger foods or meals / buffet for your home or at a venue.  Talk to us and we will be glad to help.



Subject to seasonal availability all prices correct as of October 2013 but may be subject to alteration over time.